Terms and Conditions

This agreement on the provision and use of the GOPY Social Network ("Agreement” "Terms") is derived from the Principles of Social Networking (SOCIAL MEDIA) and is the terms of service that govern our relationships with users (members) and others interacting with social media as well as brands, Social media products and services that we call "Social Services" or "Services”. By using or accessing social media services, you agree to this Agreement.

I. Purpose, content - Terms of Use

1. Purpose, service content - Gopy social network is a place where members share, connect, and exchange information about the work environment, social responsibility, related activities in the business community, and workers in particular. - Gopy social networking is where members introduce, learn, share, evaluate and exchange information on policies, regulations, events, and related activities on social responsibility in the business community and workers. 2. Terms of use - To access and use the GOPY Social Services, Members must agree and comply with the provisions set out in this Agreement and the regulations that GOPY affiliates, integrated, include. - When accessing and using GOPY social media by any means (computers, phones, televisions, Internet-connected devices) or using GOPY social media applications, members must also comply with this Regulation. - In order to meet the needs of the Member, GOPY social media is constantly improving and developing, so the provisions of the Gopy Social Media Service Provision and Use Agreement can be updated and modified at any time without having to notify the Member in advance. Gopy will clearly announce on the Website, mobile application, and related information pages about such changes and additions.

II. Register an account and use the service

1. Members are responsible for capacity behavior in the registration account and use GOPY. Internet users under 16 are not allowed to be a member of GOPY. We do not require a birth date to register as a member, but if we find out members under 16 years old are using GOPY, we will lock that account permanently without prior announcement. 2. After a member logs into the system, members can change the member name. Member names must follow set name rules according to the regulations and do not violate this agreement's prohibitions. 3. Members must be registered, logged in to use the services, share information on GOPY. Each member only signs up for one account in social networks. 4. On its Website and mobile application of GOPY system can appear to link the website or symbols to other websites; this website is not under the control or ownership of GOPY. Access to other sites is hazardous, and dangerous. Members are fully responsible for the risks when using the website this link. GOPY will not be liable for the content of any website or destination other than GOPY’s system and website.

III. Content prohibited from exchange and sharing on social networks

When using the services of GOPY system, prohibits members perform several acts, including but not limited to the following: 1. Taking advantage of the offers, exchange and use information in social networks GOPY aim: - Against The republic socialist of Vietnam; prejudicial to national security, order and social safety; vandalism, block the unite the whole people; propaganda war, invasion, terrorist; cause hatred, conflicts between ethnic groups, ethnicity, race, religion; - Propaganda, incitement to violence, nasty, depraved, crime, society’s vice, superstition, destructive traditions of the nation. - No discussion, posting of content about the issues of religion, politics, sexism. 2. Members use the GOPY system to reveal state secrets, secret, military, security, economic, diplomatic, and other secrets prescribed by law in any form on the website and mobile app GOPY. 3. Propaganda, advertising, buying, and selling prohibited goods or services; or spread the compositions of the press, literature, art, banned publications on GOPY. 4. Members have harassment, cursing, lash, annoy, or other acts when communicating with other users. 5. Members have the right to use theirs image. When using images of other individuals, members must obtain that individual's consent. trictly prohibited to use other people's photos that infringe the honor, dignity, and reputation of the person whose photo. 6. Take advantage of GOPY to gather information of members, information disclosure, documentation about the private lives of other members. 7. Don't put member name (nickname, user name): - Named a member by the name of celebrities, individuals, crime organizations, reactionary, terrorist, or account means bad words/ against traditions. - Member name similar with the moderators/ administrators. - Member name deliberately coincides with another member in any form. - Member name’s type abc1, abc2, abc3. - Member name includes characters not found or hidden away. 8. Put distorted, slander, ridicule, insult credibility information to the organization, individuals, under any form (mock, disparage, religious discrimination, sexism, racist, etc). 9. It is strictly forbidden to promote any product in any form whatsoever, including but not limited to sending, transmitting any promotional messages, invitations, letters, investment opportunities on GOPY. 10. Take advantage of the GOPY social network to organize betting, gambling, or agreements related to money/ cash. Share your fshare, megashare, tenlua, Itunes, Mediafire accounts. 11. Illegally obstructing, disrupting, or destroying the server system; Obstructing access to information and using legal services on MXH GOPY. 12. Use passwords illegally, cryptographic keys of organizations and individuals, private information, personal information, and Internet resources. 13. Directly or indirectly use any device, software, website, web-based service, or other means to remove, alter, bypass, circumvent, obstruct, or circumvent vandalize any copyright, trademark, or other mark of ownership marked on the Content (such as a logo) or any other data control systems, devices, protections, and restrictions on access from different geographical regions. 14. Directly or indirectly through any device, software, website, web-based service, or other means to copy, download, capture, reproduce, duplicate, storage, distribute, upload, publish, modify, translate, broadcast, display, sell, transmit or retransmit content. 15. Create, reproduce, distribute or advertise a detail of any Content without the agreement of GOPY. Members cannot build a business model using the Contents, whether or not for profit. Content covered at GOPY includes but is not limited to any text, graphics, images, layouts, interfaces, icons, images, audio and video materials. In addition, the creation of derivative works or materials derived from or based on any Content is strictly prohibited including montages, similar videos, wallpapers, desktop themes, cards, and goods. 16. Forging organizations and individuals and spreading fake and untrue information on GOPY social networks infringing upon organizations and individuals' legitimate rights and benefits. 17. Create a left link to the legal domain name of the organization or individual. Create, install and distribute malware and viruses; illegally infiltrate and control information systems; create attack tools on the Internet. 18. Absolutely do not use any program, tool or other forms to interfere with the GOPY system. 19. Do not engage in any illegal login attempts or attempt to log in illegally or cause damage to the GOPY server system.

IV. User violations’ managing rules

1. Rules for Members: - Depending on the seriousness of the violation, members who violate the social network's agreement will be penalized accordingly. - If the violation has not been specified in this agreement, depending on the level of the breach, GOPY will wholly and unilaterally decide a reasonable level of punishment. - Locking accounts for a definite time or permanent. - Form of sanction: ● No. 01: Suspend the post and send warning and reminder emails. ● No. 02: Suspension of posts and sending warning emails, lock account for 07 days ● Sanction 3: Post suspension and warning emails and lock account for 30 days or permanent account lockout. 2. Form of sanction: - With sanction No. 03, 30-day account lockout or permanent lockout is applied including but not limited to the following acts: ● The member has taken advantage of the GOPY social network to destroy the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This behavior includes but is not limited to users’ names the same as great people, national heroes, national leaders. Users using images, videos, statements, chat... containing information discussing political issues or disclosing state secrets of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. ● Pornographic information, images, videos: Members upload pornographic images, audio, videos, sex chat or post information about direct sex chat, pornographic videos, spread out pornography content. ● Betting and gambling information: users use GOPY social network to post content, images, audio, and video to organize betting, gambling or agreements related to money/ cash. ● Spread misleading information: Using text, images, audio, or video containing misleading information: pretending to be official or organizations or individuals; fraud, defrauding other people's property. ● Destroying the GOPY system: Members use the product to infiltrate the server system to destroy the product or obstruct access to information. Members use technical tools to increase activity points, items, or lag, spam chat. ● Using the community to organize actual meetings outside to commit illegal acts. ● Spread out mass advertising information/ spam. ● Violators have been warned and warned twice but still continue to violate. - Sanction No. 02, account lockout for 07 days is applied including but not limited to the following acts: ● Communicative behavior: Lightly erotic chat, spam chat, incite other members to go to other channels of MXH GOPY to cause trouble or propagate infringing information. ● Invasion of privacy: Using other people's personal photos, publicizing personal documents and others' information such as identity, address, phone number without approval and making harass calls or inciting others to harass. ● Attacking others: Using images, information, audio or video, insulting, spreading information that distorts, slanders, ridicules, insults the reputation of organizations and individuals. ● Piracy: Stealing content on channels, copying or quoting without permission to use someone else's copyright. ● Violators have been warned and warned once but still violate. - Sanction No. 01, warning are applied including but not limited to the following acts: ● Attacking, distorting, insulting other members' dignity. ● Involving the member community on purpose with wrong views, violating moral culture. ● Post video images that are sensitive, provocative, vulgar.

V. Content provided, information exchange.

1. GOPY members can contact to provide content that is suitable for GOPY's fields of activity without violating the laws or regulations of GOPY. 2. Content posted in categories must be compatible with GOPY’s topics. 3. Regulations on posting content on social networks include but are not limited to the following terms: - Before writing, please check the mobile application to see if it has been mentioned. - Contents of titles and articles must be precise and severe. - Do not post the same content in multiple places. - For categories with available templates, members must submit articles according to the prescribed form for categories with available templates. - Answers must not be off-topic, must be constructive, with clear content. - When you want to thank the sender, just press the "Like" button. 4. GOPY does not endorse any content posted by any Member. GOPY does not permit copyright-infringing and intellectual property rights-infringing activities on the service, and GOPY will remove all published contents if notified that such content infringes upon copyright intellectual property without prior notice. 5. The GOPY website and mobile application system allow Members to upload videos, information, images or other content on the website, except for prohibited content specified in this Agreement and other relevant legal documents. 6. A member is a person who exercises the right to chat, share experiences, exchange online, vote,... in accordance with the regulations of GOPY. The Member agrees that the Member will not post on the GOPY any copyrighted content, trade secrets or other content related to the intellectual property rights of a third party, except in the case of the member is the legal owner of this content or has the consent of the owner. 7. Members may be responsible for civil damages, the possibility of administrative fines or criminal prosecution if there are acts of violation of copyright or related rights. 8. Members let GOPY freely do business, use, distribute, display, edit, compile any ideas, concepts, methods, suggestions, suggestions, comments or other forms of Members that Members provide, exchange and share through the use of GOPY website and mobile applications completely free of charge. Members agree to waive any right and claim any bonuses, fees, royalties or other payments in connection with the business, use, distribution, presentation, modification of GOPY. dit, compile any or all of the information and images that the Member provides, shares and exchanges by the Member. 9. Members have the right to reuse posted information including but not limited to editing, compiling, distributing, displaying such posted content for personal or non-commercial purposes. 10. In areas where the transmission of images and articles are allowed, Members can share information and images that are allowed in the default GOPY MXH formats. Members agree to undertake the responsibility to ensure the legal use of digital information content posted on the Internet. 11. In all cases, GOPY has the right to process the posted information in accordance with the customs, ethics and national security rules, and we reserve the right to allow or not allow articles, information, images of the Member to appear or exist on the website system and mobile application GOPY. 12. Members understand and agree that, when using this website and mobile application of this social network, Members will receive a variety of information and images posted from many different sources. GOPY is not responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, safety, or intellectual property rights related to the information posted by other Members. When using the product, the Member may find some information/ comments posted by other Members are not accurate or offensive; in this case, Member can contact GOPY to proceed essential measures to protect interests. 13. GOPY cares about the safety, privacy, and interests of all members who use its products, especially children. Therefore, if a Member is a parent or legal guardian of another Member, it is the Member's responsibility to review and determine which products and contents of the GOPY are appropriate for their children. Similarly, if the Member is a child, the Member must consult their parents or legal guardian about whether the product or content they use is appropriate. 14. When the Member accesses another product, application, or website linked to this social network, the Member must understand and comply with the provisions of the product used by the Member. There may be products that GOPY does not own. Therefore, Members are solely responsible for the risks arising when using this product. 15. To ensure customer satisfaction, GOPY always creates and improves products to be better, so this social networking product can be developed on telecommunications equipment or other technologies ( if any), and so it is possible that personally relevant information will be displayed including but not limited to the location where the Member is using the service or product. 16. This social network has many features, functions, integrates many games, applications, and website links, so when using this product, members need to carefully read the instructions and regulations on using the product.

VI. Rights and obligations of members.

1. To use the services of GOPY in accordance with the service use agreement between GOPY and the Member. 2. To be protected confidentially and personal information in accordance with the flight agreement and the provisions of the law on privacy of personal information. 3. Comply with regulations on management, provision and use of social network services. 4. Take responsibility for the content of information stored, provided and posted on GOPY. 5. Members are responsible for keeping account information confidential, if the above information is disclosed in any way, the Member must accept the risks arising. GOPY will base on the existing information in the account as a basis to decide the account owner if there is a dispute and we will not be responsible for any losses incurred. 6. The Member agrees to immediately notify GOPY of any unauthorized use of the Member's account and password or any actions that break the security system. The Member also ensures that they always exits their account after each use. 7. When detecting errors of GOPY or infringing contents, Members shall notify GOPY Content Management Department through the following methods: - Website: https://gopy.io - Email: support@gopy.io - Phone: +84 888 636 099 8. The Member may be administratively sanctioned/ prosecuted for criminal liability if the Member violates copyright and related rights when using this product. 9. Members must strictly comply with the regulations on prohibited acts, information exchange and provision of information specified in this regulation. Suppose you violate one or more acts, depending on the level of your violation. In that case, GOPY will permanently lock your account and may ask the authorities to prosecute the Member before the law if necessary. 10. Perform other rights and responsibilities as prescribed by law.

VII. Rights and responsibilities of Gopy.

1. Providing social networking services, except for those prohibited by law; 2. Publicize the agreement to provide and use the GOPY service; 3. GOPY must take measures to protect the confidentiality of members' private and personal information; inform the Member about the rights, responsibilities and risks when storing, exchanging and sharing information online; 4. GOPY social network must ensure the right of the Member to decide when allowing their personal information to be provided to other organizations, businesses and individuals; 5. GOPY is responsible for coordinating with competent state management agencies to remove or prevent information with content that violates the law. 6. GOPY has the right to provide personal information and private information of members related to terrorist activities, crimes, violations of the law at the request of competent state management agencies; 7. GOPY has at least a server system located in Vietnam to meet the inspection, examination, storage and provision of information at the request of competent state management agencies and settle complaints of customers. 8. To register, store and manage personal information of personal website founders and other information providers on social networks in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications. Ensure that only those who have provided complete and accurate personal information in accordance with regulations can set up a personal website or provide information on a social network; 9. GOPY will make reports according to regulations and be subject to inspection and examination by competent state management agencies. 10. In the course of using the product, if the Member violates any of the terms of this Agreement to provide social networking services, we have the full right to terminate, delete the Member's account without needing the Member’s consent and shall not bear any responsibility to the Member. 11. Any violation of the account holder in the process of using the GOPY product, we have the right to take away all the account holder's rights to the use of the product as well as request the authorities to prosecute members in accordance with the law if necessary. 12. When detecting violations such as using hacks, spreading prohibited content or other errors, GOPY has the right to use the information that Members provide when registering an account to transfer to the authorities to solve in accordance with the law. 13. When detecting violations of prohibited content specified in this Agreement, GOPY has the right to not immediately display the violation information updated by the Member and/or warn, block, suspend the account of the offending Member. In case of receiving a complaint from another Member, GOPY will conduct monitoring, check and log data and related evidence, if a violation is detected, GOPY has the right to not display the information immediately. We (GOPY) have the full right to decide on the handling methods for violations. However, depending on the nature of the incident, the degree of impact and severity, we will offer an appropriate form of handling. GOPY's decision is final and the user agrees to abide by it. 14. Responsible for supporting account holders in the process of using MXH GOPY's products. 15. Receive and resolve Member's complaints about cases arising in the process of using GOPY MXH, however, we only support, receive and resolve registered accounts with full information, honesty and exactly.

VIII. Limit liability and refuse to guarantee.

1. We (GOPY) will not be responsible for any system problems during the Member's use of GOPY products. 2. If there is a risk, damage in case of force majeure including but not limited to electrical short, damage to hardware, software, problem of Internet transmission or natural disaster,... the user must accept risks and damages if any. We pledge to try our best to minimize the risks and damages incurred, but GOPY will not bear any responsibility arising in these cases. 3. We (GOPY) are completely not responsible for the risks of any member's transactions with 3rd parties during the use of GOPY products. When the Member uses the product and/or transacts with a third party, the Member understands and agrees to be solely responsible for the arising risks. 4. Members' articles, images, and media may be restrictive, objectionable, illegal, inaccurate, or inappropriate. GOPY is not responsible for any articles. , clips, videos, pictures. The content posted does not reflect our views or policies (GOPY). We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to monitor and limit or remove such content unless we have reasonable grounds to believe that the posted content violates this agreement as well as law.

IX. Copyright and copyright reporting process.

● In areas where content is allowed to be posted, Members may share allowed information in the formats we default to and Members are solely responsible for the content, information, images. and any other sharing as well as the legality, legal responsibilities for the content, information, sharing of the Member with the individual Member or the group of Members, the organization that uses it. However, in all cases, we still reserve the right to process the posted information in accordance with the customs, codes of ethics and rules to ensure national security, and we reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to allow or not allow Member posts to appear or exist on mobile applications or in areas where information is allowed to be shared. ● We reserve all rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, trade secret, trademark and other intellectual property rights in the products of MXH GOPY. Use of our rights and property requires our prior written permission. Apart from the written permission, we do not grant any other license whether express or implied, for the Member to exercise the above rights. And therefore, Members do not have the right to use our products for commercial purposes without our prior written permission. ● Members agree to let us freely use, disclose, apply and modify any ideas, concepts, ways, suggestions, suggestions, comments or other forms of notice that the Member may provide. members provide us through the use of MXH GOPY products completely free of charge. Member hereby waives and agrees to waive any right and claim to any bonus, fee, royalty, fee or other payment in connection with our use, disclosure, application, edit any or all Member responses. ● Procedure for reporting copyright infringement: - If a Member believes that any of his/her content, documents, images, videos or other materials provided through the GOPY Service is infringing on intellectual property rights, please notify us. opyright infringement according to the specific process set forth below. - We will handle each copyright infringement notice that we receive and handle it in accordance with the provisions of intellectual property law. - To help us have enough facilities to meet the requirements of the Member, please send a written notice with the following information: ● Real signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of a proprietary product. ● Description of the copyrighted work that the Member claims to be infringed, ● A description of where the material Members claim to be infringing is located on the GOPY Social Media Services is sufficient to allow us to locate such material. ● Member's contact information such as address, phone number, email to social media ● GOPY can contact Members. ● Member declares that Member believes that use of such Content is not authorized by the copyright owner, exclusive agent or the law; ● Member declares that the information contained in the Member's notice is accurate and that the Member accepts the penalty of perjury for which the Member is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. ● If the GOPY account violates intellectual property through the Member sending a notice, if the results show that the Account has a violation, depending on the seriousness of the matter, we (GOPY) reserves the right to delete the offending account in its sole discretion. Contact email: info@csrvietnam.org

X. The risks of storing, exchanging and sharing information on the Internet.

- When sharing information on mobile applications, social networks, Members often update information in the bio, photo, status updates (the news that the Member shares with people in the user list). This information tends to increase gradually and is regularly updated continuously. For example, a Member may disclose the address where he or she lives, and the times when the Member is usually present (and absent) at the Member's home, work or school. This sharing inadvertently creates conditions for those with nefarious schemes to have information to plan a case (theft, murder, rape,...). - Many Internet Members easily reveal information in their personal pages. Disclosure of information such as email addresses, dates of birth or phone numbers may expose Members to online harassment, intrusion and impersonation. - Many people do not anticipate that it becomes public information once information is shared and exchanged on the network, it becomes public information. Even if you only share a status update with one person or a group of people, you have no control over what these people do with the information. On the other hand, any information that is shared on the internet can also be considered as public information and from that it is private information will be shared and disseminated widely. Therefore, we recommend that members when participating in social networks actively consider before providing personal information.

XI. Mechanism for settlement of complaints and disputes.

- GOPY is responsible for receiving complaints and assisting members of the social network to resolve disputes within the scope of the social network. Members can send complaints to email support@gopy.io. - GOPY respects and seriously implements the provisions of the law on resolving disputes and complaints of members participating in social networks. Therefore, it is recommended that members register or write comments to respect each other and provide complete, accurate, honest and detailed personal information. All acts of fraud and fraud in information are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law. - The parties to the claim dispute will have to play a responsible role in actively resolving the issue. For the sender of a dispute, it is necessary to provide evidence and information related to the fact that is causing the conflict. The GOPY MXH content management department will be responsible for checking the evidence and information given by the complainant and having feedback through the system that received the complaint. The time limit for settling complaints is: 15 working days from the date of receipt of information from the Member. - GOPY only supports and resolves Member's complaints and denunciations in case the Member has fully, honestly and accurately recorded information when registering for an account. - For disputes between GOPY Social Media Members, it is possible that GOPY Social Media Content Management Department will send contact information to the disputing objects for the parties to resolve themselves or GOPY Social Media Content Management Department will based on the actual situation to solve. Accordingly, GOPY will protect the maximum possible benefits for legitimate and legitimate GOPY Members. After the parties have resolved the dispute, they are responsible for reporting it to the GOPY Social Media Content Management Department. In the event of a dispute arising from the fault of a member determining MXH GOPY will take action to warn, lock the account or transfer to a competent legal authority depending on the severity of the violation. GOPY will terminate and remove all posts and comments of that member on GOPY and ask that member to publicly apologize to the party that has been violated. - If throughout an agreement, it is still not possible to resolve the dispute or conflict arising from the exchange between the parties, either party will have the right to ask a competent legal authority to intervene to ensure legitimate interests of the parties.

XII. Collect personal information and policies to protect the personal data of members of social networking services.

To ensure to serve and provide members with better and better services and to provide them to the competent authorities upon request, GOPY will collect members' data including: full name, phone number, email, ID/Passport number along with date and place of issue, username, login password. 1. Purpose and scope of collection - The primary data collection on GOPY includes: full name, phone number, email, ID/Passport number along with date and place of issue, username, login password. These are the information that GOPY needs members to provide when registering to use the service and for GOPY to contact and confirm when a member registers to use the service on the website or mobile application to ensure members’ rights and benefits. - Members will be solely responsible for the security and keeping of all service use activities under their registered name, password and email box. In addition, members are responsible for promptly notifying GOPY about unauthorized use, abuse, security violations, retention of registered names and passwords of third parties for solutions. 2. Scope of information use: GOPY uses the information members provide to: ● Provide services to Members; ● Send notices about information exchange activities between members and MXH GOPY; ● Prevent activities that destroy a member's user account or actions that impersonate a Member; ● Contact and deal with members in exceptional cases. ● Do not use members' personal information other than for confirmation and contact purposes related to activities at GOPY. ● In case requested by law: GOPY is responsible for cooperating in providing members' personal information upon request from judicial authorities: Procuracy, court, police investigation related to a customer's illegal behavior. In addition, no one has the right to infringe on members' personal information. 3. Information storage time The Member's personal data will be stored until there is a request to cancel or the member can log in and perform the cancellation. Remaining in all cases, members' personal information will be kept confidential on the server of GOPY. 4. Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information Name: GOPY TECH JOINT STOCK COMPANY Address: 6B Tu Xuong, Ward 7, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh Email: support@gopy.io 5. Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal data. - Members have the right to self-check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging in to their account and editing personal information or requesting GOPY to do this. - Members have the right to file complaints about disclosing personal information to 3rd parties to the Content Management Department of GOPY. When receiving this feedback, GOPY will confirm the information, be responsible for answering the reason and guide the member to restore and keep the information confidential. Contact email: info@csrvietnam.org 6. Privacy policy of members' personal information - GOPY members’ personal information is committed to absolute confidentiality by GOPY according to the personal information protection policy of GOPY. The collection and use of each member's information only happen when that member consent, unless provided for by law. - Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the member's personal information without the member's consent. - If the information server is being attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of members' data, GOPY will be responsible for notifying the incident to the authorities for investigating and announcing to the members. - Keep all online transaction information of Members at GOPY's data center. - When registering as a member, the GOPY content management department requires individuals to be responsible for the legality of the above information. - The GOPY content management department is not responsible for and does not handle all complaints related to the interests of that Member if it considers all the personal information provided during the initial registration is incorrect.

XIII. C-coins Redemption program rules.

Do not create a virtual nick to like, share, comment, take surveys and use manual or automatic methods to increase points for a particular nick. It is strictly forbidden to take advantage of Gopies points/ Gopies program hacks, cheats and other things. GOPY plays the final decision on whether an account is hacking, cheating or abusing the Gopies program or not. · Violating accounts will be taken down and permanently locked

XIV. Validity of the agreement.

1. The terms specified in this Agreement set forth on the website may be updated or modified at any time without prior notice to the Member. GOPY will clearly announce on the Website, Blog – News about those changes and additions. 2. If one or several terms of this Agreement for providing and using the GOPY service conflict with the provisions of Vietnamese law, that provision will be revised to be consistent with the law. The remainder of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

XV. Other terms and policies may apply.

- GOPY Community Standards: These guidelines set out our standards for the content you post and your activity on GOPY. - GOPY Data Policy: To provide GOPY Products, we must process information about you and related to you. The types of information we collect depend on how you use our Products.

The Agreement to provide and use the GOPY service is valid from November 9, 2019. Content Management Department of GOPY Social Network Mr. LE THANH LUAN Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSR TECH JSC.