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Gopy is a virtual labor relation management ecosystem that enables companies, unions, NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders to engage efficiently, survey, and train workers.


Why use Gopy?


For Employees

Connect with others-icon

Connect with others

Get entertained with our already-built newsfeed. Chat and share professional experiences or make friends with other colleagues on the Gopy app.

Give feedback-icon
Give feedback
Learn new skills-icon
Learn new skills
File complaints-icon
File complaints
Declare health status-icon
Declare health status
Connect with others

For Unions

Inform & support members-icon

Inform & support members

Organizers and representatives can raise awareness and educate members through Gopy social newsfeed, quick polls, and group discussions. Besides that, Gopy encrypted messaging allows union organizers to chat with workers securely.

Survey members-icon
Survey members
Train members-icon
Train members
Represent members in grievances-icon
Represent members in grievances
Protect members' well being-icon
Protect members' well being
Inform & support members

For Companies

Engage employees-icon

Engage employees

Lack of workplace dialogues is the number one factor that damages the industrial relationship. Be actively listen to your employees and engage in workplace dialogue through Gopy social newsfeed, group chat, and encrypted messaging.

Survey employees-icon
Survey employees
Provide training-icon
Provide training
Self assessment-icon
Self assessment
Handle complaints-icon
Handle complaints
Manage health risks-icon
Manage health risks
Engage employees

For NGOs / Government

Raise workers' awareness-icon

Raise workers' awareness

Raising workers' awareness about workplace practices is not something that happens overnight. That is why with Gopy engagement, you can promote more educational content, host online competitions, and establish discussion groups to engage more workers daily.

Surveys workers & companies-icon
Surveys workers & companies
Train workers & companies-icon
Train workers & companies
Assess companies' practices-icon
Assess companies' practices
Manage grievances-icon
Manage grievances
Manage Covid risk-icon
Manage Covid risk
Get professional assistance -icon
Get professional assistance
Raise workers' awareness
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