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How to choose a social media channel to communicate and engage with workers

How to choose a social media channel to communicate and engage with workers

Written by | 12/09/2022 06:09Check out our three-step method to determine which social media channel is ideal for you and your company to communicate and engage with workers.

Social media is a vital component of the digital company puzzle that may help with consumer interaction, communication, and brand awareness. Similar to your website, social media allows you to sell and advertise your products or services. However, social media goes a step further by allowing your customers to comment on your postings and contact you directly through messaging services.

So how to choose a reliable social media channel application to communicate and engage with friends and workers? The following article will offer some simple tips for you to pick the right social media channel for yourself and your business and why you should use Gopy today.


Tips for choosing the Right Social media channels for your Business

Delivering the right message to the intended audience is essential to create effective communication in the work environment. But somehow, it's not that easy. Luckily, once you've determined what you need to say in your message, these steps below can assist you in deciding how to convey your message most effectively.


Three steps to choose the most suitable social media channels for you: 

Step 1: Determine the type of message you're sending.

Before choosing a communication application, start by answering questions about the information your organization wants to convey. Therefore, exploiting the appropriate social media channels.

Here are some sample questions that can be used to help clarify your intentions:

·      What is your message like, informal or formal?

·      Are references required for this information?

·      Does this information need to be acted upon quickly?

·      What kind of users are you communicating with?

·      Is this person a peer, a superior, or someone you supervise?


Step 2: Consider your company's communication culture.

According to the Slack Future of Work Study, trust, tools, and teamwork are critical for employee engagement and productivity. Additionally, the study discovered that 80 percent of employees want to learn more about how decisions are made in their company.

So, if your team values face-to-face communication at work, it may be necessary to deliver bad news in person rather than via impersonal email. If your company values work/life balance, an after-midnight direct message is probably not the best move.


Step 3: Decide your methodology based on your audience.

To choose the right social media channel for your business, its necessary to know who your target audience is.  Once the target audience is determined, you can compare them to current data for the different social media networks. Some demographics are more visible on particular channels than others. Having this information on hand will assist you in selecting a social media platform.


Why should you choose Gopy as your favorite social media channel?

1.    What is Gopy? 

Gopy is a system that assists in improving the working environment for employees by providing many functions such as surveys, discussions, complaints, and many more purposes. It is a virtual labor relations management ecosystem that facilitates businesses, unions, NGOs, governments, or other relevant parties to participate, survey, and train workers more efficiently.

Each social platform has its own set of features and construction goals. Depending on different needs, each one will have its own target users. 

With Gopy, you will connect to a great environment where you can contribute and share ideas, connect with groups of people with similar interests, and ensure your privacy with encrypted messages.


Besides, Gopy provides a diverse range of products, including: 

·      Engagement

·      Survey

·      E-learning

·      Grievance 

·      Assessment

·      Health Risk Prevention


2.    Reasons for using Gopy

Gopy is a new social networking app that can fully satisfy everyone with the necessary features to meet different usage needs. Below are some outstanding reasons why Gopy can benefit you.

Opportunity to connect with the largest community of workers

At Gopy, you will have the opportunity to build your network with a large and diverse community of workers. Chat and connect with people with similar interests.

Learn and gain new knowledge anytime, anywhere

Attending classes to increase an individual's soft skills or specialized knowledge can be challenging and expensive, especially for full-time employees or those with hectic schedules. Again, offline training may not be the top choice for businesses that need to train personnel as it can be costly, time-consuming, and possibly disrupt production. On the other hand, online courses from Gopy offer the opportunity to reduce costs while also improving learning convenience.

One of the most striking features of joining Gopy is the ability to learn and gain new knowledge whenever and wherever you want. If you are a full-time employee or don't have spare time to attend an extra offline class, Gopy is made for you.

Stay updated with current news 

Gopy always offers and brings people countless information from many areas; therefore, users can always stay up to date with the latest news anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, raising workers' awareness of work behaviors does not happen immediately. As a result of Gopy's involvement, you can push additional educational content, hold online contests, and build discussion groups to engage more with employees 24/7.

Advance your career with e-learning.

With Gopy E-learning, instructors can comfortably train staff members from anywhere. They can also assess the course's effectiveness by looking at employee learning progress reports and course feedback.

In addition, Gopy also has a lot of free and paid lessons on different topics, which can satisfy all your needs to learn about many fields and majors as well.


3.    Core features

One of Gopy's most notable features is its ability to encrypt communications. Users no longer have to be concerned about participating in the workplaces evaluation because they can now rate the firm and contribute anonymously. Besides that, the two-way encrypted messages feature is also available, which allows you to communicate with coworkers without your identity being revealed. 

Similar to other social media channels, Gopy users can use it to: 

·      Make more connections by sharing similar interests

·      Share posts, photos, and videos on your home wall

·      Create surveys and comments

·      Engage and communicate with your friends and colleagues safely with encrypted messages.


4.    For Learners/workers

For those who are learners or workers who want to learn new skills or knowledge, Gopy is the right app for you to get started. By using this app, you can get the following benefits: 

·      Able to join free and paid courses

·      Build up new skills or study specialized knowledge that you desire to learn

·      Get a certificate after learning



Although Gopy is a new social application, it can satisfy various basic needs that a social media platform should have. If you are looking for a professional, safe and secure social media channel application, Gopy is a great application that can help you find information, participate in practical courses, protect user privacy, as well as communicate and engage with people. That's why Gopy is the right choice for anyone.

You can download the Gopy app right now on your phone through the two following links below.

Apple Store:   

CH Play:   


What else are you waiting for? Using Gopy to benefit yourself.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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