Gopy's e-Learning tool enables organizations to train employees anywhere and anytime, with cost savings compared to on-site training. Our e-Learning tool is equipped with lecture and quiz editing tools to design the most flexible and interactive online classes for employees. Additionally, our analytics tools, discussion forums, course ratings, and reviews allow organizations to effectively evaluate course performance.



Create and manage course for instructor-icon

Create and manage course for instructor

  • Create a new course using course creating tool (support many content type like pdf, video, documents, etc) and choose public or subscript course.
  • Update content for an existing course
  • See course dashboard
  • Publish course for a specific target audience (ex: internal training, training for text tile managers, etc)

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Learners activities
Create and manage course for instructor
Who can use?

Who can use?

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Business owners

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Middle/senior level management at the enterprise

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Who can use?


For course creator

  • Create a new course using the course creator tool (supports a variety of content formats such as pdf, video, document, interactive lesson types, etc.)
  • Update content for existing courses .
  • View learning data (number of participants, average learning time, etc.)
  • Publish a course target for a specific group of audience (e.g. internal training, training for managers, etc.)

For learner

  • View all courses, including new courses, ongoing courses, completed courses, courses created just for you
  • Do exercise and take note
  • Discuss with other classmates through the classroom forum
  • Attend the final exam and receive certificate of completion
  • Review the course you have completed.