In any organization, addressing compalints is not just a responsibility; it's an opportunity for growth and improvement. And Gopy Grievance Management System (GMS) is a powerful, anonymous, user-friendly tool designed to streamline the grievance resolution process, ensure fairness, and enhance overall organizational harmony



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For internal

  • Accept or reject feedback (input reject reason and send to the user)
  • Anonymous chat to the person who submit feedbacks
  • Create a new grievance case and attach relevant feedbacks
  • Assign an investigator (internal) and start investigating. All the evidence collected will be notified via email to users.
  • Make final conclusion and close case.
  • Both parties can appeal after receive conclusion

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For organizations
For internal
Who can use?

Who can use?

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Business owners

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Middle/senior level management at the enterprise

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Who can use?


Benefits for workers

  • Ensure workers' identities are kept confidential when submitting feedbacks
  • Feedbacks directly to managers
  • Upload images, audio files, documents or collected evidence directly to the system
  • Follow up on the feedback process

Benefits for Managers

  • You can chat anonymously with the person who submit the feedback before continuing with the investigation
  • Create a feedback case and assign the sphinx to participate in the investigation process
  • Listen to workers' voices and resolve conflicts before problems become more serious
  • Building the credibility of the business