Better Work's Challenges in Factory Management



Better Work Vietnam was created in 2009 as a unique partnership between the UN's International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. The program engages with workers, employers and governments to improve working conditions and boost the competitiveness of the garment industry.

Promoting Social Dialogue: Fostering Constructive Engagement Within enterprises, the prospect for meaningful and constructive exchange between employees and management remains scarce. A notable deficiency arises where employees lack the necessary skills, confidence, conducive conditions, and requisite support to engage in effective dialogue. This situation hinders the establishment of substantive and equitable discussions, inhibiting the potential for collaborative problem-solving and progressive engagement. Promoting Gender Equality: Overcoming Information Gaps The realm of Gender Equality still faces significant limitations in terms of sharing information, knowledge, awareness, and practical implementation, particularly for employees, especially female workers. This insufficiency obstructs the broader objective of fostering gender equality in the workplace. Addressing these constraints calls for strategic efforts to bridge the information gap and ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, are equipped with the necessary insights and understanding. Promoting Learning and Building Capacity: Enhancing Training Effectiveness The methods employed for training and knowledge dissemination within enterprises, particularly concerning employees, exhibit inefficacy and limited real-world impact. This shortfall inhibits the cultivation of a dynamic learning environment. The need for comprehensive and impactful training methods becomes apparent, with a focus on ensuring that the skills and knowledge acquired translate seamlessly into practical applications, ultimately bolstering overall organizational capacity.


Social dialogue In the context of promoting social dialogue, a notable challenge arises as workers find themselves lacking the necessary conditions to engage in open communication with their employers. This issue is further compounded by employees' prevailing lack of confidence when advocating for their entitlements from enterprises, often stemming from a fear of potential termination. Addressing this disparity necessitates the establishment of a dedicated platform where employees can convene, enabling them to collectively express their aspirations for heightened cooperation with enterprises. Gender equality Shifting the focus to the promotion of gender equality, a noteworthy concern emerges surrounding the dearth of accurate information available to employees, particularly female workers, regarding Gender Equality. This informational gap often leads to misconceptions. Within the Vietnamese context, female workers encounter challenges related to inadequate time, limited opportunities, and unsuitable conditions for training, information dissemination, and communication. This issue is further exacerbated by their hesitancy to initiate discussions on this subject. Addressing these gender equality concerns requires the development and implementation of tailored tools to provide appropriate training and knowledge to employees. Learning and building capacity In the realm of promoting learning and capacity building, a prevailing obstacle is observed as enterprises fail to fully grasp the significance of training initiatives. This oversight is exacerbated by the inadequate allocation of training funds and a lack of clarity in identifying specific training needs, ultimately resulting in inefficiencies throughout the training process. The methods employed for organizing training programs also fall short of meeting the needs of enterprises, underscoring the need for a more suitable approach.


Online Communication Platform: Enhancing Dialogue and Privacy Gopy introduces an innovative online communication platform designed for seamless interactions between employees and enterprises. To ensure confidentiality, all messages within the platform are encrypted, guaranteeing the security of sensitive information exchanged. This system goes further to empower employees by allowing the use of nicknames, fostering a sense of confidence and facilitating open social dialogue. Recognizing the significance of inclusivity, Gopy extends the privilege of participation to every worker, promoting a harmonious exchange of ideas and insights. Advancing Gender Equality through Online Survey Gopy takes a proactive role in driving the digital transformation of gender equality discourse. With a special focus on the empowerment of female workers, the platform facilitates easy access to authoritative information sources, aiding in informed decision-making. By conducting surveys dedicated to assessing gender equality within enterprises, Gopy actively contributes to informed discussions and targeted interventions, leading the way toward a more equitable workplace environment. Empowering Learning: Online Education Reimagined Gopy's impact extends to employee development through its comprehensive online learning platform. This innovative solution empowers employees by providing the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience, eradicating the constraints of time and location. Leveraging the ubiquity of smartphones, Gopy ensures that learning is accessible anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the platform encourages active engagement by enabling participants to take part in insightful discussions with fellow learners, fostering a collaborative and enriching learning community.


The case study on work management for BWV has yielded a series of impactful outcomes that span various dimensions. At the organizational level, the initiative has successfully promoted labor compliance and elevated working conditions within factories. Through a concerted effort, gender inequality in these factories has been significantly reduced, amplifying the voices of female workers and empowering them. Moreover, the study has facilitated the accessibility of the organization's existing resources to a broader audience, making knowledge and tools readily available for enhanced productivity and growth. Within the factory setting, the benefits are equally notable. The implementation of these strategies, despite their impressive outcomes, has also demonstrated remarkable cost-efficiency. With a deployment cost of only 0.5 USD per user per month, these initiatives have not only contributed to heightened worker satisfaction, driven by a deeper understanding of employee desires and closer collaboration, but have also led to more compliant and efficient factory operations. This, in turn, has resulted in a discernible improvement in overall production capacity. Particularly noteworthy is the substantial cost savings and resource optimization achieved through the work management program championed by Gopy, a factor that holds particular significance for small and medium enterprises, especially within the realm of labor training. On an individual level, employees are experiencing a paradigm shift. Their voices and opinions are now valued and embraced, fostering a sense of satisfaction and empowerment. Employees are no longer passive recipients of assistance, but active advocates for their own interests. This shift has also led to the growth of individual capacities, enabling workers to realize their full potential. Notably, female employees have become more knowledgeable about gender issues, effectively contributing to the reduction of gender inequality within the factory environment. In conclusion, the BWV work management case study has brought about transformative outcomes across the organizational, factory, and individual levels. By prioritizing labor compliance, gender equality, resource accessibility, and employee empowerment, the initiative has created a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the confines of the study itself, ultimately fostering a more equitable, productive, and harmonious work environment.